Calendars and Schedules
New York State Senate Session Calendar for 2010
Schedule of Joint Legislative Public Hearings on the Governor’s 2010-2011 Executive Budget

NY State Legislature Joint Budget Hearing on Health/Medicaid (2/9/2010)
–          Watch

NY State Legislature Joint Budget Hearing on Public Protection (2/8/2010)
–          Watch Part 1, Part 2
–          Legal Action Center Testimony
–          Full Hearing Transcript New!

New! ASAP Interview on NYS Budget, Rockefeller Drug Law Reform, and the Impact on Addiction Service Providers

Listen to the podcast

New York State Budget
New! ASAP 2010-2011 Budget Position Paper
Legal Action Center Preliminary Analysis of Governor Paterson’s Budget
Legal Action Center Analysis of Executive 2010-2011 Community Corrections Budget
New! Legal Action Center 2010-2011 Position Paper on the Criminal Justice and Community Corrections Executive Budget
New York Nonprofit Press Overview of Governor’s Cuts to NYC Human Services
New York State Legislature Executive Budget Analysis
–          Senate Finance Committee Blue Book
–          Assembly Ways and Means Committee Yellow Book
State Department of Health & AIDS Institute Briefing on the 2010-2011 Executive Budget

New York City Budget
Housing Works Summary of HIV/AIDS-Related Cuts in Bloomberg Budget

Alcohol and Drug
New! How Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs Can Comply With the 2010 Census

Criminal Justice
Legal Aid Society Report on Potential Saving Through Drug Law Resentencing

VOCAL’s Syringe Access Report Briefing and Executive Summary

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